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Sexuality Identification System

A system that shall ultimately replace today’s binary label of “sex” as used today to identify one’s gender.  The Sexual Identification System is a spectrum of values that clearly defines a person’s unique sexuality profile.



The acronym for Sexuality Identification System



The spectrum of values as referred to in the definition of the Sexuality Identification System may come in the form of a word, a letter or a colour that more accurately defines its properties.  By way of example:

Male – M – Blue

Female – F – Pink

Other  – O – Purple

The purpose of the colour coding will assist individuals in identifying the values, purple being a blend of the two.

"Other" is used here in a generic sense to simply say anything that is other than Male and other than Female.  Individuals may feel strongly to replace the term "Other" with their own self-defined label.



Currently there are five (5) categories within the Sexuality Identification System.  They are referred as Category 1, 2, 3 4 and 5 respectively.  Each category is synonymous with a Key Identifier label, namely;

Category 1 being Biology,

Category 2 being Presentation

Category 3 being Identify

Category 4 being Preference

Category 5 being Posturing


Biology, Presentation, Identification, Preference and Posturing

These are key identifiers and are the terms to more accurately describe each Category.

The order and the positioning of these categories are fundamental and must be maintained in order for the system to make sense.

BPIPP (pronounced bee-PIPP)

Is the acronym for Biology, Presentation, Identification, Preference and Posturing.  The pronunciation helping those to remember the labels of each of the Categories.



This defines the physical biology of what you were born as.
This includes physical genital variations.
Eg: Male, Female, Other.
Various common and self-defined terms: Inter-sexed, AIS, etc.



This defines our physical appearance.
This may include clothes, make-up, hair and general physical appearance.  Included in this are any and all surgical procedures for reconstructive and cosmetic purposes.
Eg: Male, Female, Other.
Various common and self-defined terms: Androgynous, Gender Queer, Gender Variant, GRS, etc.



This is a thought process that pertains to our self image.
It is a mental, internal belief about you.
Eg: Male, Female, Other.
Various common and self-defined terms: Trans, Transgender, Transsexual, Cross-dresser, Two-Spirited, etc.



This defines who you are attracted to.
Who we choose as a mate or our preferred partner.
Eg: Male, Female, Other.
Various common and self-defined terms: Bisexual; Trisexual; Pansexual, etc.



This defines the position you prefer during intimacy.

The terms "Top" or "Bottom", "Superior" or "Inferior" are assumed when we are using the generic label of Male and Female in this category. 

The Male and Female reference are also used here for consistency within the SiS format.
Eg: Male, Female, Other.
Various common and self-defined terms: Switch, etc.





Sexuality Identification System