SiS Synopsis for WPATH

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This document has been submitted to WPATH in May, 2010 for their consideration.



Male,  Female….Other?
How many Other’s are there?

Binary is Inadequate

It is not uncommon to hear specifically within the gender and lifestyle variant communities, that the current binary system of gender identification does not identify and classify individuals accurately in the ever expanding diversity within our global village.  It is inadequate, confusing and inappropriate.


Not Stereotypical... Looking for an Indicator

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The following article appeared in Toronto's Metro newpaper on April15, 2010 in the "Savage Love" section (by Dan Savage) where people write in for advice on love and other related matters.  This article clearly demonstrates the need for SiS.
AS A NOT-STEREOTYPICAL-LOOKING LESBIAN who tends to be attracted to other "not-stereotypical-looking" lesbians, I wish EVERY "single and looking" lesbian wore something that said so -  like the lesbian reader last week who was thinking about going out in a "Single. Lesbian. Interested?" T-shirt.  When I do go out to the one lesbian bar in my city, people look at me with that "What are you doing in OUR bar?" stare.            (signed) Show Me Your Status

Nepal detains activists seeking transgender identification

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KATHMANDU | Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:13pm IST

(Reuters Life!) - More than 70 gay rights activists were detained in the Nepali capital on Tuesday in a crackdown on a rally to demand government identification papers for transgender people, police and activists said.

Nepali men and women who identify themselves as transgender are seeking citizenship certificates with their gender marked as "third sex" instead of male or female.

Sunil Babu Pant, lawmaker and founder of the Blue Diamond Society, a gay rights group, said more than 70 people were detained near the prime minister's office and parliament.

"We are running out of patience and are demanding our rights," Pant told Reuters from a detention centre.

"Without the citizenship papers, the sexual minorities are unable to get a job, enrol in schools or colleges, seek treatment in hospitals and travel," he said. "They cannot even inherit parental property."


For Transgenders, Identity Papers Are No Simple Matter

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For Transgenders, Identity Papers Are No Simple Matter
By Sutthida Malikaew

BANGKOK, Jul 13, 2010 (IPS) - In New Zealand, where Sujinrat Prachathai enjoys resident status, she is a woman able to append ‘Mrs’ to her name to signify that she is married. Here in Thailand, however, she has to be addressed as ‘Mr’ since she is still considered male even though she underwent a sex-change operation years ago.

'My driver's license refers to me as woman who was man'

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'My driver's license refers to me as woman who was man'
Zopag News Network

Published Fri 6th Aug 2010 12:21:55

Mumbai, August 6:  Although born in a male body, Revathi who always considered herself a woman and even underwent a sex reassignment surgery to reaffirm her sexuality has landed in an identity crisis all in the name of a driver's license.
Her unique driver's licence sports two names and no gender specification.

"I finally had my driving licence. The licence did not specify whether I was male or female. Instead it referred to me as 'Revathi who is Doraisamy'", says A Revathi whose autobiography 'The Truth About me: A hijra life story' has been released recently.

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Sexuality Identification System