Not Stereotypical... Looking for an Indicator

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There are nearly twice as many gay-identified men out there as there are lesbian-identified women.  This fact alone is all the proof we need that homosexuality isn't a choice.  Considering what shits straight men can be - judging from my mail - surely more women would choose homosexuality if they could.

Anyway, it seems to me that what single lesbians need - in addition to dyke bars, Internet personal ads, women's softball leagues and cat-food aisles in grocery stores (man, those lesbian/cat jokes never get tired) - is a secret sign.  I'm thinking something subtle, SMY's, not because I''m pro-closet, but because I'm pro-tasteful.  Message T-shirts?  Never tasteful.  And "Nobody Know My Girlfriend Is a Lesbian" T-shirts are very 1995 (and highly unlikey to get a single girl a date).

Instead, maybe all lesbians everywhere should start wearing a button.  No words, just a solid color, something small and tasteful that could be pinned to the strap of a purse (popular with "not-stereotypical-looking" lesbians), the lapel of a jacket or the belt look on a pair of jeans.  Thinking outisde the lavender/pink/purple box, I think the button should be green - green for "go", green as in "Go ahead and hit on me, ladies.  I'm a lesbian."

Sexuality Identification System