SiS Synopsis for WPATH

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SiS was Created

A more accurate method was needed so the "Sexuality Identification System" ©(hereinafter referred to as “SiS”)was developed.  SiS was conceived by Dina D. Paige formerly known as Dino Zucchiatti, on September 10, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.  Dina D. Paige is living full time as a Transgender woman and initially created this for the Transgender community.  She soon came to realize the far reaching implications of this system on many levels and has formalized this system for all to use.

SiS to replace “SEX”

The term “SIS” is meant to replace the existing inadequate term “SEX” as a means of identification.  Sexual Identification System© is a common sense solution which  provides a more accurate identification system for a variety of individuals.  The choices that exist today are male or female.  What about the rest of society who do not fully fit into these categories?  There is a significant population that cannot be defined as simply male or female and will be defined as “Other”.  Other has a vast spectrum of possibilities.  We have identified some of the "Other" possibilities as follows by using both literary acceptable terms, colloquialisms and other regional descriptions:  Inter-sexed;  SRS (Sexual Reconstruction Surgery); Androgenous, Gender Queer;  Trans(gender); Trans-sexual; Cross dresser; Two-Spirtied; (Bull) Dyke; etc.

5 Key Categories

In addition to gender variability, lifestyle and sexual variability also exists.  This would include bi-sexual; heterosexual as well as intimate preferences.  The variability’s, under the SiS system are organized into five key categories which are:  Presentation; Posturing;  Biology; Idenitify; Preference;.


A tri-color system  represents the male (blue), female (pink) and all other possibilities (purple).  The three colors apply to each of the 5 key categories defining an individual’s unique personal profile.

Wear Your Sexuality On Your Sleeve

For those individuals that are comfortable with their lifestyle and sexuality choices, they may choose to identify themselves socially by wearing a discreet identifier.  Products are available on the SiS website in the form of pins, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, a variety of ID cards.  Once one understands the coding system, it will be easy to recognize like-minded individuals as well as those we are trying to seek out.

SIS Website

An informative, easy to follow and interactive website will take you from beginning to end in answering all of your questions.  From defining terms to examples, an interactive “chart yourself”, a forum that encourages discussion , an on-line product catalogue  and other features.  The website will be officially launched September 1st, 2010 coinciding with the inaugural launch seminar at the Southern Comfort Conference, Atlanta, GA on September 11, 2010.

Voluntary System

The SiS system is intended to be an easy to implement  and voluntary system to be used by any individual and/or groups.  It can also provide solutions to clarifying our own individual profiles.  The Sexuality Identification System has significant applications for many major sectors such as medical, education, government, business and social.

Why  do we need this?

For the first time in history, inter-sexed and SRS (Sexual Reconstruction Surgery – Male to Female or Female to Male) have been given recognition and a status.  Just as a wedding band can signify a person’s choice and (un)availability, so can SiS’s color coded system portray an individual’s choice and availability.  We are trying to introduce a standard to help the world understand each other better.

Medical Implication

Therapists may wish to use this to assist them in addressing Gender Incongruence or Gender Identity Disorder.  The interactive chart can be used as a tool in identifying key personality profiles.  A Medical Identification Card has been developed which may be beneficial in an emergency situation.   This card contains information which would clearly identify someone who may be “Other” and does not display obvious biological traits.  Medical conditions, medication,  blood type, emergency contact and specialty needs are on this card.

A New Global Standard

We hope to form an alliance with WPATH in helping to create global standard.  With sexual diversity exploding in every sector of society today, the time is right for SiS.


Sexuality Identification System